Misconception about meditation

‘Oh no…I can’t do it because my mind is never quiet enough to sit still for a long time.’

Such a misconception about meditation practice equates to saying:

‘Oh no…I can’t learn to drive because I cannot drive yet.’

‘Oh no…I can’t learn to sing because I cannot sing yet.’

‘Oh no…I can’t learn to cook because I cannot cook yet.’

One can clearly see that it makes no sense whatsoever but this is exactly how meditation is being viewed by a great number of people.

Meditation (Bringing our mental self back home, shortened to BMSBH) is a form of mental practice aiming to train people with scattered thoughts so that their minds can calm down and experience stillness and inner peace. A scattered and unfocused mind cannot naturally improve itself without training; the same as one who cannot drive without being trained to drive first.

Not only meditation can help people to gain the ‘full control’ of their minds, it can also activate intuitive wisdom allowing the practitioners to understand fundamental questions about life: who we really are, why we were thrown onto this planet, what the purpose of life is and so forth, my book entitled: Einstein Questions, Buddha Answers: The New Edition, may be able to give you all the perspective you need.

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